Why to Shred

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Unless you are exempt from the Data Protection Act 1998 you could potentially be at the risk of identity theft and there are no favorites. Small, medium and large enterprises are capable of having key information compromised. Most businesses are aware of the need to use secure protocols when storing confidential information online. However when it comes to handling paper documents most businesses do not do enough to properly get rid of this information. Confidential data should never be simply thrown.



The use of paper is one of the major factors contributing to climate change. The felling of trees in the first place directly contributes to carbon emissions as a result of machinery used both in the process and in transportation. Further to this the felling of trees, which naturally absorb carbon, means that yet more carbon will stay in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming again.

Once paper is made (involving industrial processes that consume carbon) it must then be transported, which inevitably will involve the burning of even more carbon fuel. This snowball effect makes saving and recycling paper vital if we are to tackle climate change.

Do note that recycling paper is not an ideal substitute for saving paper in the first place as recycling will entail some expenditure of carbon, and in any case paper can only be recycled so many times. It is best to use existing paper frugally and to its full potential before it reaches the recycling bin.

All shredded paper processed by DocShred gets recycled.

Save Money

Why spend money on buying new office folders, wallets, binders etc, when you can re-use your old ones. Docshred will seperate reusable stationary that can be collected at no charge by yourselves.